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This is my blog and website, where I hope to be able to keep you informed of my efforts as a writer. I will discuss Works in Progress and announce new releases here. On this site, you will also find links to sites where you may purchase my published stories and novels.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Where Do Ideas Come From?

Ah, the age-old question. Every non-writer wonders this, and writers frequently hear the question as a result.

"Where do you get your ideas?"

Where, indeed?

From all around you.

The key to having ideas for stories is to start thinking of yourself as a writer, and a certain kind of writer. Then put your subconscious to work. The best part of this process, and the worst part, is that it runs in the background, always there, always humming away.

What it means is that you will find ideas from anything and everything. Whether you are watching TV, reading an article in your state historical society's monthly magazine, or even thinking about nothing, your subconscious is working on the question of what you can write about, and is constantly coming up with ideas.

I have had ideas while watching the aforesaid TV, while reading the aforesaid historical society monthly magazine, while working on novels, and even while reading a model railroading book. (I have entertained an idea for a series of novels about a railroad police detective, so my subconscious sometimes gives me ideas for stories that would be suitable for such a character.)

The problem, of course, is that you may have more ideas than you will have time to write about. I know I have that problem. However, I consider it a good problem to have.

Of course, the hard part of writing is not having the idea: it is turning the idea into a story. I have enough ideas that, if the well ran dry, I would still have stuff to write about for a long time.

What if hit men had a quality control representative?

That's an idea I had once. (As a matter of fact, this is the one I had while watching TV, that I mentioned earlier.) I turned it into a short-short story, available from my writer's pages at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords, if you're interested to see how it turned out

So, to reiterate, my advice is to decide you are a writer, and decide what kind of writer you are. Then just let your subconscious work on the matter.

Then, before too long, you will be reading, or watching TV or a movie, or thinking about a discussion you had, or indeed, anything, and you will find yourself thinking, Hey, that would make a good story.

From that moment on, you won't have to worry about ideas.



8:06 pm cdt 

Monday, April 25, 2016

False Witness Published

False Witness is uploaded and published. The newest Charlie Rowe novel, second in the series.

I tried to wrap up a few plot threads in this novel, as well as presenting an entirely new story.

False Witness is available on all the ebook publishing sites -- Amazon kdp, Nookpress, and Smaswhords, for $2.99 

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Upcoming release

My newest novel, False Witness, will go live on Monday, 25 April.

It will be available in the usual places, by which I mean Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. I will, however, be doing something more with it.

For the first time ever, I will be publishing a Createspace version, which means it will be available in papberback.

I am excited. I am looking forward to fulfilling every writer's dream of having a copy of my book that I can hold in my hand.

I hope you will check it out, and I hope you will enjoy it.


3:50 pm cdt 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Upcoming release

My next novel, False Witness, the second in the Charlie Rowe series, is due for release on April 25th, in e-book formats, and as a hard copy from Createsace.

In False Witness, Charlie is hired to investigate the apparent stalking of a Twin Cities television reporter. She doesn't take the matter seriously, but then she disappears. Now Charlie has to solve her kidnapping. The solution appears to be connected with a story she covered while working in Chicago, the story of the brutal murder of a college student.

It has been too long, and, if anyone is still reading this, I want to apologize for the length of time it has taken me to get something done. I have spent too much time during the last three years dealing with depression and frustration and the feeling that my life is stalled and going nowhere. I have decided to do something about that, and start publsihing more often. I have several projects I have been sitting on, and I am going to try and clean them up and get them published.

Additionally, I am working on the third Charlie Rowe novel, and I have some idea where the fourth and fifth novels in the series will go.

Thank you for sticking with me. 

10:53 am cdt 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Still on track

I am still on track to release my next novel, False Witness, in April. I should have the cover designed this month, and I will format it for release this month as well.


And I am working on the novel after that, although perhaps not as hard as I should. But at least I am working on it.

3:51 pm cst 


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